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03 Oct
Client Blog -Heather's Cardiff Half

Cardiff Half Marathon 

So a mere three weeks after the Great North Run, another half on the horizon. Two half marathons, three weeks apart. I’d never contemplated that before but I missed Cardiff earlier in the year as that is when the pelvis break happened so I was pretty determined to do it this time. Besides, the tee shirt was fuchsia pink, my absolutely favourite colour! What could possibly go wrong? 

Covid Strikes! 

I’ve been so careful and had never caught it before, so why oh why did it happen now?!? Two days after GNR, the dreaded positive test! I really didn’t feel great but forced myself to go for a gentle walk every day. Tested after 5 days but still positive and still not well. On day 9, finally the negative test! Spoke to Steven and we agreed on a gentle run to see how things were. All good until the third mile when heart rate rose steadily so I stopped. So disappointed. Honest feedback to Coach Steve. Next run cancelled giving me another day to rest. Tried again with a plan for four miles but strict instructions to stop if heart rate did anything odd.  All was good so extended the run to 5 miles. More feedback so we then also extended the next run by a mile for confidence boosting. Again, it went well although more tired than I expected at the end. Not many days left and still having some covid effects so the final planned run was postponed and then cancelled after discussion. 

Cardiff Half 

I felt good and was ridiculously excited to finally start this race! It was such a friendly event with so much support and a really lovely route. I enjoyed it from start to finish and was so proud to cross that finish line! 

The author of the blog post smiling as she approaches the finish of the Cardiff Half marathon.

What have I learned? 

Firstly, that Steven absolutely understands how to get me there and I have complete trust in his planning. I know that with honest feedback, that plan is sensitive to what I need at any given time. Secondly, there are times when rest is really more important than running! Thirdly, I’m stronger than I believe. 

What Next? 

It’s time to start training for that first ever marathon! Steven has the planning under control and I have booked the race nearest to my 60th birthday.  Watch this space!!