Terms and conditions

Gift Vouchers

PFM Coaching offers Gift Vouchers and Coupons both as sold products, loyalty rewards and also as marketing gifts and prizes, these vouchers will have the basic information included on the voucher and full terms can be found here.

Vouchers will generally have an expiry date, this date will be visible on the voucher and/or included in the voucher description or promotional wording accompanying the voucher.  In all cases any extension of this expiry date will be at the sole discretion of PFM Coaching, the vouchers come with generous expiry dates and so this should not be an issue however please contact steve@pfmcoaching.co.uk if you require an expiry extension.

Vouchers have no cash value at any time.  Vouchers that have been received as a prize or as a promotional offer cannot be refunded.  Vouchers which have been purchased can be refunded within 28 days by the original purchaser on condition that the voucher has not been redeemed.

Vouchers can only be redeemed against the product or service specified on the voucher, if for any reason the recipient wishes to redeem against an alternative good or service from PFM Coaching then this will be at the sole discretion of PFM Coaching.

Voucher codes are not to be shared unless specifically stated that it is OK to do so by PFM Coaching.  PFM Coaching reserves the right to cancel voucher codes at any time, this could be due to a quantity limit being reached or through misuse of the code such as being shared publicly online.  If this impacts a genuine holder of a gift voucher they can contact steve@pfmcoaching.co.uk to resolve the issue.

Most PFM Coaching services are offered on a subscription basis and so the use of a voucher will require signing up to a subscription.  The client is able to cancel their subscription at any time and will be billed up to the end of the current months billing period (generally already paid) during which time their access to the coaching platform will remain live.  Payments will then be paused or cancelled depending upon the preferences of the client and access to the coaching platform terminated.

Referral Reward Scheme

PFM Coaching operates a reward scheme for clients who refer another athlete who subsequently sign up for coaching.

Each athlete has a personal referral code which will be sent out via email which can also be requested at any time at steve@pfmcoaching.co.uk.

If you know someone who is interested in coaching who subsequently signs up for coaching using your referral code then they will qualify for a 20% discount on their chosen coaching package, this applies to both monthly and annual packages.

You, as the referrer, will also qualify for a 20% discount off your coaching package for the duration that the referred athlete remains a client of PFM Coaching.

Please note that if you as the referrer have paid for the annual package in the event that the referred athlete also signs up for the annual package then you will receive the 20% discount in full upon your renewal.  If the referred athlete has signed up for the monthly package then you will receive the 20% discount upon renewal only once the referred athlete has remained a client for 6 months or more.  This is due to the discount being greater than the monthly fees and to prevent having to request repayment of discount should they end their coaching. 

This discount can be stacked so if you refer 5 athletes you will gain a 100% discount on your own coaching, that is, you will be eligible for free coaching as long as all referred athletes remain PFM Coaching clients.  

The referrers discount will reduce in relation to referred clients ceasing coaching i.e. one referred client leaves then discount reduces by 20%, two leave by 40% etc.  This reduction in discount occurs immediately upon the referred client leaving.

At no point will there be a monetary reward for referring athletes, if you refer a 6th client you will not be paid a fee.  This will however help to protect the 100% discount by providing a buffer.

The discount relates to original price so for example if monthly fee is £50 but you have taken advantage of another discount taking your payment down to £45 then upon the 1st referral your payment will drop to £40 as 20% of original price is £10.

While the discount will be automatic for the referred athlete PFM Coaching must manually apply the discount for the referrer and so there may be a slight delay.  Please allow up to 5 working days for the discount to be applied and if a payment goes out during that period then please contact steve@pfmcoaching.co.uk for a refund of the difference.

The value of the referral discount is subject to change, any discount already earned will remain at the discount level offered at the time the referred athlete signed up with PFM Coaching subject to the above conditions.

This scheme may be withdrawn at any time, for existing clients at least 30 days notice of it’s withdrawal will be given and any existing discounts already earned will be honoured in line with the above terms.

Any queries please contact steve@pfmcoaching.co.uk