Reebok Floatride Energy 4

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First some basic info about reviews on this site.  All reviews are of products that I have bought for my own use and are based on how the product performs for me and are offered as a guide only.  The reviews will be updated periodically to reflect how they perform over a period of time rather than just new out of the box, as such it is worth revisiting the reviews for an update occasionally.

After the unexpected events of Escape from Meriden (read blog here) I found myself needing a new pair of trainers.  With the cost of living crisis that is causing us all to tighten the purse strings I decided to look for a cheaper pair trainers than my usual options and after a little searching around came across the Reebok Floatride Energy 4 which at the time were on offer and along with an online voucher code I was able to pick up for £40.50.  The question is have I got a bargain or a new pair of planks for my feet.

The Floartide Energy 4 are described by Reebok as having a "lightweight feel with a smooth and responsive ride" and to be fair my first impressions in the hand is that they are lighter than they look and this holds true once they are on your feet feeling very light.  The sole of the trainers has a good amount of rubber considering the weight with a decent looking tread giving the impression that they will be good for a substantial number of miles and offer good grip.  Aesthetically they look unimposing meaning that they wouldn't look out of place for general wear as well as being suitable for running with a number of colour options available. 

Image showing Reebok Floatride Energy 4 upper and sole showing the substantial rubber tread and accommodating fit.

I have wide feet but the 10.5 standard fit comfortably accommodate my feet with no pinch points and providing a stable feel, the toe box feels quite generous and I find the feel of the trainers to be very similar to the Nike Vomero although the Vomero are a little tight on me, the Floatride are a much more comfortable fit.  The cushioning and responsiveness also feel very similar to the Nike Vomero, but at a substantially cheaper price and I have found the Vomero great for most types of training runs so it is a positive comparison for me.

My first run in the Floatride was just a very gentle 3 mile run to see how my foot and leg were after the Escape from Meriden punishment and despite the sole of my foot still being quite tender and one foot still being a little swollen the Floatride felt very comfortable on my feet providing a firm but adequately cushioned ride and locking my foot in well without ever feeling too tight which is an issue I have with the Vomero.  They are not as cushioned or as obviously springy as the Pegasus 38 but they felt much lighter and natural on the foot and a gentle 3 miles ticked along nicely in them.  The grip was excellent as I ran on tarmac and pavements with lots of greasy leaves and at no point was there any lack of grip.  On this first run they felt a little warm but on subsequent runs of 4 and 8 miles at an easy pace this was not noticeable so it may have been my choice of socks on that first run.  Admittedly not much mileage on these yet but my first impressions are that they are a bargain at £75 and at the £40.50 I picked them up for they are a no brainer, based on my limited runs so far they would be my go to for easy training runs but I will revisit that after running more miles in them

Image showing the Reebok Floatride Energy 4 from above highlighting the generous toe box which fits wider feet well.

So in summary after 15 easy miles in total, great fit, comfy, a firm ride but with adequate cushion and excellent grip.  These could be my best buy yet with trainers.  I will update the review once I have put some more miles on them and have run different paced workouts.

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