PFM Loyalty Scheme

At PFM Coaching I like to do things a little differently and as such in some aspects my ethos is potentially not very businesslike but is more like a team.  The PFM loyalty scheme is a part of this ethos.

All clients of PFM Coaching are allocated a referral code which allows them to refer people who may be interested in a coaching package. This gives the new client 20% off coaching (subject to change) for the duration of their time being coached.  In addition the referring client also gains 20% off for as long as the referred client remains coached (if the original client leaves the discount remains for the newer client).

This applies for a maximum of 5 referrals.  Now if you do some quick math you will realise that this means that if a client refers 5 clients who sign up and all remain part of the PFM team then that is a 100% discount and that is absolutely correct.  At the point of five referrals signed up then coaching is FREE for the original client until the point that any of the new clients end their coaching at which point the discount will reduce accordingly i.e in 20% increments. 

There is no reduction in the quality of coaching to cover this, all athletes will still get my full attention with the usual daily checks, unlimited contact, discounts form retailers, unlimited plan updates etc.  At PFM Coaching it is about far more than just the plan, it is about making it work for you, be affordable for you and being there for you!

Sound good to you?  Sign up for the PFM Coaching emails and discover more ways PFM Coaching can be there to help you to achieve your goals HERE.  If you have already signed up a huge thank you from me!

Coach Steve

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