Coach Steve
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13 Jun
5 Reasons to Hire a Running Coach for Your Next Running Challenge


Taking on a running challenge, whether it’s your first 5K or an ultra marathon, is a major undertaking that requires not just physical endurance but also a planned approach to training.  Many runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes, are increasingly turning to running coaches to help them prepare effectively and improve their performance. Here are five reasons why hiring a running coach might be an excellent decision for your next race or running challenge.

1. Personalised Training Plans

One of the main benefits of hiring a running coach is the personalised approach with a training plan being tailored to your specific goals, fitness level, and schedule. Unlike generic training programs found online, a coach will take into account every aspect of your life, from work hours to family commitments, ensuring that your training fits seamlessly into your daily life adjusting as needed when life gets in the way.

  • A coach will assess your current fitness levels and will consider past injuries to develop a training plan that progresses appropriately, reducing the risk of overtraining or undertraining.
  • With a personalised plan, you're not only working towards improving your running performance but also developing your overall fitness in a balanced manner that considers other health aspects such as strength, flexibility, and mental endurance and wellbeing.
  • Achieve better results with a  personalised plan compared to a generic plan as it is tailored to develop your specific weaknesses, take advantage of your strengths and focuses on your specific goals.

PFM Coaching provide personalised coaching and have an onboarding process that gathers information in order to take all relevant information into account when developing your plan, ongoing communication then allows the plan to adapt to the ever changing commitments that modern life entails.

2. Expert Guidance on Techniques and Form

Running efficiently requires more than just stamina and willpower; it also depends on your running form and techniques. A good running coach can provide you with valuable feedback on your running form, which can lead to improved performance and reduced risk of injury.  A running coach will also include workouts and drills in your plan which help to develop your form and efficiency.

  • Coaches can spot issues with your posture, foot strike, or stride that you might not notice yourself. Corrections in these areas can lead to more efficient energy use and allow you to run faster and longer without additional effort.
  • Many injuries associated with running stem from poor form. A coach can help you avoid these common pitfalls and suggest exercises specifically tailored to strengthen the muscles vital for maintaining proper running posture.

All athletes coached by PFM Coaching can take advantage of an online gait analysis so even remotely coached athletes can benefit from advice on running form.

3. Motivation and Accountability

Staying motivated and adhering to a training schedule can be challenging, especially when training for long periods or when life gets busy. A running coach acts not only as a trainer but also provides motivation who providing  encouragement to keep you on track.

  • Your coach will check in with you regularly to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your training plan. This constant interaction helps to provide accountability, which can be crucial in sticking with a program.
  • Many runners find that having a coach provides them with a source of encouragement, celebrating achievements, reframing how you feel about a dissapointing workout and helping you to overcome setbacks.

PFM Coaching check in on an athletes log daily, leaving feedback as appropriate and communicating regularly with every athlete.  All PFM Coached athletes have the option to call their coach as often as is required.  This can be vital such as in the case of Heather after she suffered a non running injury while preparing for a goal event, you can read about how Heather overcame this with the help of Steve at PFM Coaching HERE.

4. Monitor Fatigue / Wellbeing

A good running coach will have a process in place to monitor how you are responding to the stress of training, understanding that your non running activities impact on your bodies ability to train and adapt to training.

  • Coaches can monitor your fatigue levels, adjusting your training plan accordingly helping to ensure that you always get the rest you need to effectively train and recover.
  • A coach will also be able to offer strategies to optimise your recovery, allowing you to safely train harder and more frequently (where appropriate).

At PFM Coaching we have systems in place to monitor fitness, fatigue, stress, sleep and other factors that can impact on an athletes recovery and response to training.

5. Race Day Preparation and Strategy

Finally, when the race day approaches, your running coach can help you set realistic performance goals, outline a strategy based on the race course and conditions, and manage pre-race nerves. This preparation goes beyond physical readiness, encompassing mental and emotional preparation as well.

  • A running coach can help you develop a pacing strategy that suits your fitness level and goals, discuss tactics for handling hills or challenging terrain, and consider factors like weather on race day.
  • They can also offer advice on logistics such as what to wear, when to arrive at the race site, and how to handle the pre-race jitters.

At PFM Coaching, where appropriate for the event, you will be provided with a personalised pace plan (particularly useful for ultras or trail events) with information about checkpoints, cutoffs etc and target paces adjusted to allow for terrain and fatigue.


Hiring a running coach allows you to focus on your training, confident that the plan you are following is the right plan to help you achieve your running goals.  A running coach can help you achieve balance between your running and other commitments helping you to achieve your running goals and most importantly enjoy the training that gets you there.

 Book a free consultation with Coach Steve and find out what a running coach can do for you!